Top 5 Causes and Treatments for Sudden and Chronic Lower Back Pain

Sometimes, your back hurts, and you already know the exact reason. You lift a heavy object inappropriately and feel the pain right away. Or your healthcare provider has already warned about the poor posture years ago, which is now leading to lower back pain. However, there could be other serious reasons for the pain that require immediate medical attention and lower back pain treatment from the specialist.

Depending on the cause, your lower back pain may range from moderate to severe. There are numerous reasons for lower back pain, including:

Lower Back Pain Symptoms: Mild To Severe

  • Pain experienced after prolonged periods of sitting or resting.
  • Pain experienced after lifting a heavy object inappropriately or bending.
  • Being inactive for a long time may cause muscle stiffness and weakness, resulting in lower back pain.
  • hips and glutes pain that radiates

In severe conditions, the symptoms include:

  • The pain radiates from the back to the legs or feet.
  • Muscle spasms or numbness.
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control.
  • Losing weight due to an unknown reason
  • Fever

Potential Causes For Pain In Lower Back

1.   Herniated Disk

Adult thoracic and lumbar spines consist of 17 vertebrae (bones) stacked on top of one another. Between each bone lies a cushiony disk that absorbs the pressure on these bones. Each disk has an outer rind and an inner gel. A herniated disk occurs when the inner gel between any of the 5 disks of the lumbar spine slips or squishes beyond the outer rind. It allows the inner gel to exert pressure on surrounding nerves, resulting in pain and discomfort. It can be caused by trauma or age-related wear and tear.

2.   Compression Fracture

It occurs when the vertebra collapses on itself. Osteoporosis or trauma are two possible causes. A lumbar compression fracture causes severe pain and limits spinal mobility.

3.   Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when the space between the spines narrows, exerting pressure on the spinal cord or nearby roots. The primary causes behind spinal stenosis include the formation of bone spurs, thickening of nearby ligaments, or degeneration of a lumbar disk or joint. Compression of the nerve root causes severe back pain that can radiate down the lower extremities.

4.   Facet Joint Damage

Facet joints connect the five vertebrae that make up the lower back. Exerting large loads of compression force or stress on facet joints may break down their cartilage, causing lower back pain. Numerous reasons can cause facet joint damage, such as poor posture, repeated overuse, or osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis leads to inflammation, stiffness, muscle spasms, and pain.

5.   Scoliosis

When viewed from the side, the natural curvature of your spine looks like an ‘S’. Scoliosis is a condition where your spine curves sideways when viewed from behind. It is a spinal deformity that can cause back pain.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

If your lower back pain persists even after resting or self-care, get the best non-surgical lower back pain treatment from the spine specialists of renowned healthcare centers, including ANSSI Wellness. The experts will diagnose the root cause and depending on your diagnosis, they will design a customized treatment plan.

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